The Bookshelf:

The Rapier & Small-Sword: 1460-1820 A. V. Norman
2 Invisible Power: The Elizabethan Secret Services, 1570-1603 Alan Haynes
3 Tudor And Jacobean Tournaments Alan Young
4 The Art Of Blacksmithing Alex W. Bealer
5 The Complete Modern Blacksmith Alexander Weygers
6 Danger To Elizabeth: The Catholics Under Elizabeth I Alison Plowden
7 Autobiography Of Benvenuto Cellini Benvenuto
8 Weapons And Warfare In Renaissance Europe: Gunpowder, Technology, And Tactics (Johns Hopkins Studies In The History Of Technology) Bert S. Hall
9 Techniques Of Medieval Armour Reproduction: The 14th Century (Medieval & Renaissance) Brian Price
10 The Armourer And His Craft: From The XIth To The XVIth Century Charles Ffoulkes
11 European Arms & Armor Charles Henry Ashdown
12 A History Of The Art Of War In The Middle Ages: Volume Two: 1278-1485 Ad (Greenhill Military Paperbacks) Charles Oman
13 Fighting With The German Longsword Christian Henry Tobler
14 Tower Of London Christopher Hibbert
15 Methods And Practice Of Elizabethan Swordplay Craig Turner, Tony Soper 
16 War, Culture And Society In Renaissance Venice: Essays In Honour Of John Hale David Chambers
17 The Hundred Years War: The English In France 1337-1453 Desmond Seward
18 Weapons: An International Encyclopedia From 5000 B.C. To 2000 A.D., Updated Edition Diagram Group
19 Wars Of Empire (Smithsonian History Of Warfare) Douglas Porch
20 Rapiers: An Illustrated Reference Guide To The Rapiers Of The 16th And 17th Centuries With Their Companions Eric Valentine
21 The Halberd And Other European Polearms, 1300-1650 (Historical Arms Series) George A Snook
22 A Glossary Of The Construction, Decoration And Use Of Arms And Armor: In All Countries And In All Times (Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor) George Cameron Stone
23 How To Build Your Own Wheellock Rifle Or Pistol George Lauber
24 Steel Bonnets: The Story Of The Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers George Macdonald Fraser
25 The Thirty Years War 1618-1648. Georges Pagès
26 Armeria Del Palacio Real De Madrid [Armoury At The Royal Palace In Madrid] Guillermo Quintana Lacaci
27 Medieval Warfare H.W. Koch
28 History Of The Art Of War, Volume III: Medieval Warfare Hans Delbrück
29 History Of The Art Of War, Volume II: The Barbarian Invasions Hans Delbrück
30 History Of The Art Of War, Volume IV: The Dawn Of Modern Warfare Hans Delbrück
31 History Of The Art Of War, Volume I: Warfare In Antiquity Hans Delbrück
32 Medieval Combat: A Fifteenth-Century Manual Of Swordfighting And Close-Quarter Combat Hans Talhoffer
33 The Secret History Of The Sword J. Christoph Amberger
34 Artists And Warfare In The Renaissance J. R. Hale
35 The Wars Of The Roses J. R. Lander
36 The Modern Gunsmith [Vols. I-II. James Virgil Howe
37 The Complete Bladesmith: Forging Your Way To Perfection Jim Hrisoulas
38 The Elizabethan Militia L Boynton
39 Giovanni Delle Bande Nere Mario Scalini
40 Mercenaries And Their Masters: Warfare In Renaissance Italy Michael Mallett
41 The Florentine Galleys In The Fifteenth Century: With A Diary Of Luca Di Maso Degli Albizzi, Captain Of The Galleys, 1429 1430 Michael Mallett
42 L'armeria Storica Di Castel Sant'angelo: Guida (Italian Edition) Museo Nazionale Di Castel Sant'angelo
43 Imperial Austria: Treasures Of Art, Arms & Armor From The State Of Styria Peter Krenn, Walter J. Karcheski Jr.
44 Years Of The Sword: A Pictorial History, 1300-1485 R. J. Unstead
45 Broadsword And Singlestick: With Chapters On Quarter-Staff, Bayonet, Cudgel, Shillalah, Walking-Stick, Umbrella, And Other Weapons Of Self-Defense R.C. Allanson-Winn, C. Phillipps-Wolley
46 The Crossbow: Its Military And Sporting History, Construction And Use Ralph Payne-Gallwey
47 Kill Or Get Killed Rex Applegate
48 Daily Life In Holland In The Year 1566 And The Story Of My Ancestor's Treasure Chest Rien Poortvliet
49 Art, Arms And Armour: An International Anthology: 1979-80 Robert Held
50 The Book Of The Sword: With 293 Illustrations (Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor) Sir Richard F. Burton
51 Arms & Armor: The Cleveland Museum Of Art Stephen N. Fliegel
52 Heroic Armor Of The Italian Renaissance Filippo Negroli And His Contemporaries Stuart W. Pyhrr, Jose-A. Godoy
53 The Martial Arts Of Renaissance Europe Sydney Anglo
54 History Of Warfare: The Renaissance At War Thomas Arnold
55 The Renaissance At War Thomas Arnold
56 The Complete Metalsmith: An Illustrated Handbook Tim Mccreight
57 Boarders Away, Volume I: With Steel: Edged Weapons And Polearms Of The Classical Age Of Fighting Sail, 1626-1826 William Gilkerson
58 Boarders Away, Volume II: Firearms Of The Age Of Fighting Sail William Gilkerson
59 Weapons Through The Ages
William Reid

The Manuscripts:

Ref# Title Author Year
1 Traité DeL'art Militaire Vegetius De Re Militari   1494
2 Statutes Of Warre Henry VIII 1513
3 Opera Nova Achille Marozzo 1536
4 Strategemes Sleyghtes And Policies Of Warre   1539
5 New Pollecye Of Warre   1542
6 Statutes For Warre Henry VIII 1544
7 Preceptes Of Warre   1544
8 Toxophilus The Schole Of Shootyng Roger Ascham 1545
9 Trattato DiScientia D’Arme Camillo Agrippa 1553
10 Boke Named Tectonicon Leonard Digges 1556
11 Art Of Warre Niccolo Machiavelli 1562
12 Foure Bookes Of Vegetius John Sadler 1572
13 Certaine Wayes For The Ordering Of Souldiers In Battelray Peter Whitehorne 1573
14 Regiment For The Sea William Bourne 1574
15 Regiment For The Sea William Bourne 1577
16 Proverbes Of The Noble And Woorthy Souldier Sir James Lopez De Mendoza 1579
17 Arithmeticall Militare Treatise Thomas Digges 1579
18 Defence Of Militarie Profession   1579
19 Pathwaie To Martiall Discipline Thomas Styward 1581
20 De Re Militari (Eng. Nicolas Lichefild) Luis Gutierres De La Vega 1582
21 Pathwaie To Martiall Discipline Thomas Styward 1582
22 Worthy Tract Of Paulus Iouius   1585
23 Honourable Reputation Of A Souldier George Whetstone 1586
24 Lawes And Ordinances Militarie Robert Dudley Earl Of Leicster 1586
25 Path Way To Military Practice Barnabe Rich 1587
26 Regiment For The Sea William Bourne 1587
27 Declaration Sur Sa Prise Des Armes Francois De La Noue 1588
28 Politicke And Militarie Discourses Francois De La Noue 1588
29 Art Of Warre Niccolo Machiavelli 1588
30 Three Bookes Of Colloquies Concerning The Arte Of Shooting Niccolo Tartaglia 1588
31 Oration Militarie   1588
32 Declaration Upon Taking Arms Francois De La Noue 1589
33 Instructions For The Warres William De Bellay 1589
34 Formes And Effects Of Weapons John Smythe 1590
35 Booke Of Honor And Armes Richard Jhones 1590
36 Briefe Discourse Of Warre Roger Williams 1590
37 Arithmeticall Warlike Treatise Named Stratioticos Thomas Digges 1590
38 Approoved Order Of Martial Discipline Gyles Clayton 1591
39 Newes From Sir Roger Williams Sir Roger Williams 1591
40 Art Of Warre William Garrard 1591
41 Solace For The Souldier And Saylour Simon Harward 1592
42 Force And Effect Of Weapons Of Fire Humfrey Barwick 1594
43 Giacomo DiGrassi His True Art Of Defence IG 1594
44 Certain Instruction Of Orders Militarie John Smythe 1594
45 Of Honor And Honourable Quarrels The Second Booke Vincentio Saviolo 1594
46 Instructions Observations And Orders Mylitarie John Smithe 1595
47 A Myrrour For English Soldiers Vale 1595
48 Vincentio Saviolo His Practice In Two Bookes Vincentio Saviolo 1595
49 Watchworde For Warre   1596
50 Theorique And Practise Of Warre Don Bernadino De Mendoza 1597
51 Mirror Of Honor John Norden 1597
52 Militia Del Gran Duca Di Thoscana Petruccio Ubaldini 1597
53 Theorike And Practike Of Moderne Warres Robert Barret 1598
54 Trumpet Of Warre Stephen Gosson 1598
55 Paradoxes Of Defence George Silver 1599
56 Trve And Briefe Relation Of The Bloody Battel Of Nievport   1600
57 Honor Military And Civil William Segar 1602
58 Observations Upon Caesars Commentaries Clement Edmonds 1604
59 Teatro Niccoli Giganti 1606
60 Maniement D'Armes D'Arquebuses Mousquetz Et Piques (Eng) Jacob De Gheyn 1608
61 The exercise of armes for calivres, muskettes, and pikes Jacob De Gheyn 1608
62 Duello Or Single Combat John Selden 1610
63 Gran Simulacro Dell'Arte E dell'uso Della Scherma Ridolfo Capo Ferro 1610
64 Private Schoole O fDefence George Hale 1614
65 Worke For Cutlers Thomas Jhones 1615
66 ABCs Of Armes I T Gent 1616
67 Tactiks Of Aelian John Bingham 1616
68 Schoole Of The Noble And Worthy Science Of Defence Joseph Swetnam 1617
69 By The King Keeping Of Armes James I 1620
70 Military Discipline Wherein Is Most Martially Shone The Order Of Drilling For Ye Musket And Pike Jacob De Gheyn 1623
71 Experimental Discoverie Of Spanish Practices   1623
72 Of The Art Of Great Artillery Thomas Digges 1624
73 Vox Militis George Marcelline 1625
74 Souldiers Accidence Gervase Markham 1625
75 Free Schoole Of Warre Paolo Sarpi 1625
76 Double Armed Man W N Archer 1625
77 Mars His Feild   1625
78 Souldiers Grammar Gervase Markham 1626
79 Pallas Armata Dickesonn-Kelly 1627
80 Second Part Of The Soldiers Grammar   1627
81 Prospective Glasse Of Warre Edward Cooke 1628
82 Maniement d'armes d'arquebuses, mousquets, & picques Jacob De Gheyn 1628
83 Stratiotikon Or Discourse Of Militarie Discipline   1628
84 Aphorismes Civil And Militarie Guicciardini 1629
85 Military Garden James Acheson 1629
86 Instructions For Musters Charles I 1631
87 Militarie Instructions For Cavalrie John Cruso 1632
88 Journall Of The Taking In Of Venlo Henry Hexham 1633
89 Discourse Of Militarie Discipline Gerat Berry 1634
90 Souldiers Accidence Gervase Markham 1635
91 Militarie Discipline Or The Young Artillery Man William Barriffe 1635
92 French Militia Containing Several Beautiful And Notable Instructions On What Must Be Observed Louis De Montgommery 1636
93 Prinicples Of The Art Military Henry Hexham 1637
94 Art Of Fortification Or Architecture Militaire As Well Offensiue As Defensiue   1638
95 Directions For Musters   1638
96 Rudiments Of Military Discipline   1638
97 Art Of Warre Du Praissac 1639
98 Pallas Armata GS 1639
99 Animadiversions Of Warre Robert Ward 1639
100 Militarie Discipline Or The Young Artillery Man William Barriffe 1639
101 Articles Of Militarie Discipline   1639
102 Principles Of The Art Militarie Henry Hexham 1640
103 Compleat Captain   1640
104 Three Parts Of The Principles Of The Art Military Henry Hexham 1641
105 Warre Like Treatise Of The Pike Donald Lupton 1642
106 Prinicples Of The Art Military Henry Hexham 1642
107 Prinicples Of The ArtMilitary Henry Hexham 1642
108 Castrametation Or The Measuring Out Of The Quarters For The Incamping Of An Armie John Cruso 1642
109 Christian Souldier TJ 1642
110 Discourses Upon Cornelius Tacitus Virgilio Malvezzi 1642
111 Compleat Schoole Of Warre   1642
112 Military Discipline   1642
113 Remonstrance   1642
114 Treatise Of Pike   1642
115 Souldiers Excercise Gervase Markham 1643
116 Militarie Discipline Or The Young Artillery Man William Barriffe 1643
117 Militarie Instructions For Cavalrie John Cruso 1644
118 Souldiers Catechisme For Parliament Robert Ram 1645
119 Soldiers Catechisme For The King Thomas Swadlin 1645
120 Compleat Body Of The Art Militarie Richard Elton 1650
121 Compleat Body Of The Art Militarie Richard Elton 1659
122 Copious Englisg And Netherduytch Dictionarie Henry Hexham 1660
123 Militarie Discipline Or The Young Artillery Man William Barriffe 1661
124 Instructions For The Muster Master G Lane 1667
125 Militarie Discipline Or The Young Artillery Man William Barriffe 1668
126 English Military Discipline   1672
127 Englands Defense A Treatise Concerning Invasion Thomas Digges 1680
128 Guard Muster Anon 1683
129 Excercise Of Musket And Pike   1684
130 Fortification And Military Discipline   1688
131 Art Of War J S 1689
132 Military Discipline   1689
133 Perfection Of Military Discipline   1690
134 Whole Art Of War J Moxon 1692
135 Compleat Captain   1694
136 Roman Hasta And Pilum Of The Brass And Iron Used By The Ancients Rev John Grant 1792
137 Considérations Sur L'art De La Guerre Joseph Rogniat 1817
138 Les Armes Et Les Armures Paul Lacombe 1877
139 Diderot Arts Des Mines Diderot 17XX
140 Diderot Arts Militaires Diderot 17XX
141 Diderot Fabrique Des Armes Escrime Diderot 17XX
142 Diderot Fonderies Diderot 17XX
143 Militia Of Genoa Milice De Genes Jean Gravier 17XX