The Library:


The Secret History Of The Sword by Amberger, J. Christoph 

The Martial Arts Of Renaissance Europe by Anglo, Sydney 

Kill Or Get Killed by Applegate, Rex 

History Of Warfare: The Renaissance At War by Arnold, Thomas 

The Renaissance At War by Arnold, Thomas 

European Arms & Armor by Ashdown, Charles Henry 

The Art Of Blacksmithing by Bealer, Alex W. 

The Elizabethan Militia by Boynton, L 

The Book Of The Sword: With 293 Illustrations (Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor) by Burton, Sir Richard F. 

Autobiography Of Benvenuto Cellini by Cellini, Benvenuto 

War, Culture And Society In Renaissance Venice: Essays In Honour Of John Hale by Chambers, David 

History Of The Art Of War, Volume III: Medieval Warfare by Delbrück, Hans 

History Of The Art Of War, Volume II: The Barbarian Invasions by Delbrück, Hans 

History Of The Art Of War, Volume IV: The Dawn Of Modern Warfare by Delbrück, Hans 

History Of The Art Of War, Volume I: Warfare In Antiquity by Delbrück, Hans 

The Armourer And His Craft: From The XIth To The XVIth Century by Ffoulkes, Charles 

Arms & Armor: The Cleveland Museum Of Art by Fliegel, Stephen N. 

Steel Bonnets: The Story Of The Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers by Fraser, George Macdonald 

Boarders Away, Volume I: With Steel: Edged Weapons And Polearms Of The Classical Age Of Fighting Sail, 1626-1826 by Gilkerson, William 

Boarders Away, Volume II: Firearms Of The Age Of Fighting Sail by Gilkerson, William 

Heroic Armor Of The Italian Renaissance Filippo Negroli And His Contemporaries by Godoy, Stuart W. Pyhrr, Jose-A. 

Weapons: An International Encyclopedia From 5000 B.C. To 2000 A.D., Updated Edition by Group, Diagram 

Artists And Warfare In The Renaissance by Hale, J. R. 

Weapons And Warfare In Renaissance Europe: Gunpowder, Technology, And Tactics (Johns Hopkins Studies In The History Of Technology) by Hall, Bert S. 

Invisible Power: The Elizabethan Secret Services, 1570-1603 by Haynes, Alan 

Art, Arms And Armour: An International Anthology: 1979-80 by Held, Robert 

Tower Of London by Hibbert, Christopher 

The Modern Gunsmith [Vols. I-II. by Howe, James Virgil 

The Complete Bladesmith: Forging Your Way To Perfection by Hrisoulas, Jim 

Imperial Austria: Treasures Of Art, Arms & Armor From The State Of Styria by Jr., Peter Krenn, Walter J. Karcheski 

Medieval Warfare by Koch, H.W. 

Armeria Del Palacio Real De Madrid [Armoury At The Royal Palace In Madrid] by Lacaci, Guillermo Quintana 

The Wars Of The Roses by Lander, J. R. 

How To Build Your Own Wheellock Rifle Or Pistol by Lauber, George 

Mercenaries And Their Masters: Warfare In Renaissance Italy by Mallett, Michael 

The Florentine Galleys In The Fifteenth Century: With A Diary Of Luca Di Maso Degli Albizzi, Captain Of The Galleys, 1429 1430 by Mallett, Michael 

The Complete Metalsmith: An Illustrated Handbook by Mccreight, Tim 

The Rapier & Small-Sword: 1460-1820 by Norman, A. V. 

A History Of The Art Of War In The Middle Ages: Volume Two: 1278-1485 Ad (Greenhill Military Paperbacks) by Oman, Charles 

The Thirty Years War 1618-1648. by Pagès, Georges 

The Crossbow: Its Military And Sporting History, Construction And Use by Payne-Gallwey, Ralph 

Broadsword And Singlestick: With Chapters On Quarter-Staff, Bayonet, Cudgel, Shillalah, Walking-Stick, Umbrella, And Other Weapons Of Self-Defense by Phillipps-Wolley, R.C. Allanson-Winn, C. 

Danger To Elizabeth: The Catholics Under Elizabeth I by Plowden, Alison 

Daily Life In Holland In The Year 1566 And The Story Of My Ancestor's Treasure Chest by Poortvliet, Rien 

Wars Of Empire (Smithsonian History Of Warfare) by Porch, Douglas 

Techniques Of Medieval Armour Reproduction: The 14th Century (Medieval & Renaissance) by Price, Brian 

Weapons Through The Ages by Reid, William 

L'armeria Storica Di Castel Sant'angelo: Guida (Italian Edition) by Sant'angelo, Museo Nazionale Di Castel 

Giovanni Delle Bande Nere by Scalini, Mario 

The Hundred Years War: The English In France 1337-1453 by Seward, Desmond 

The Halberd And Other European Polearms, 1300-1650 (Historical Arms Series) by Snook, George A 

Methods And Practice Of Elizabethan Swordplay by Soper, Craig Turner, Tony S

A Glossary Of The Construction, Decoration And Use Of Arms And Armor: In All Countries And In All Times (Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor) by Stone, George Cameron 

Medieval Combat: A Fifteenth-Century Manual Of Swordfighting And Close-Quarter Combat by Talhoffer, Hans 

Fighting With The German Longsword by Tobler, Christian Henry 

Years Of The Sword: A Pictorial History, 1300-1485 by Unstead, R. J. 

Rapiers: An Illustrated Reference Guide To The Rapiers Of The 16th And 17th Centuries With Their Companions by Valentine, Eric 

The Complete Modern Blacksmith by Weygers, Alexander 

Tudor And Jacobean Tournaments by Young, Alan